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Name:Captain Jack Harkness
Birthdate:Jul 22
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Going Straight, As If!

All cynics are romantics, underneath. That's why they become cynics.

Excellent sartorial opportunities are only one perk of time travel.

You know you're in trouble when I'm the guy with the plan. You're really in trouble if you put me in charge of the plan.

I used be bad, sort of. Now I'm good, in a way.

Actually, I'm fabulous, but that's hardly a secret, is it?

I've traveled time and space, gotten into and out of quite a few scrapes, and have the scars to prove it. Buy me a drink and I'll tell you all about them. Buy me several and I'll show them to you.

I'm a friendly guy, obviously, and given the situation I'm in right now, a guy needs his friends. Unless you're an evil mastermind bent on galactic domination or something. Those people are such downers.


This is a fictional person, obviously. I can't even take credit for creating him, but I'm playing with him because, honestly, he's irresistible. Jack is currently looking for a home, so if your online RPG happens to need a 51st century omnisexual time traveler...


This character has a history on LiveJournal. You can find it here. He's here now, in anticipation of LJ imploding.

Otherwise, I may be found here and on LJ as britgeekgrrl


Jack Harkness, Dr. Who, the lovely images of John Barrowman that you see around here and all that affiliated fun belongs to the BBC and assorted others, and if you're a lawyer who doesn't want me playing with the kids, just let me know and we'll work something out.

Interests (44):

avoiding aliens, avoiding daleks in particular, bad wolf, beautiful geekboys, bisexuality, captain jack harkness, emergency martinis, emergency protocol 471, even mickey i suppose, fantastic!, flydale north, gallifrey, gay agendas, gwen cooper, harriet jones, hypervodka, ianto jones, insane religious daleks, jackie tyler, men, myfanwy, ninth doctor, not dying again, owen harper, pansexuality, polyamory, pretending to be batman, rose tyler, rule one, rule two, sex, sonic devices, space travel, survival, tardis, tenth doctor, the doctor, the innuendo squad, time agents, time travel, torchwood, toshiko, what the shakespeare, women
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